Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When Great Alfred lay on Athelney.....? An Anglo-Saxon message for the EU

When King Alfred the Great lay on the Isle of Athelney, the true forebears of the English, well knew the consequences and fearsome perils of paying the Danegeld. Would that our leaders of today were as wise, read this EU Observer report from yesterday,linked here.

Today, a grubby instrument of doubtful legality, (no, not the budget, although that will surely receive all the publicity) will doubtless be passed in the House of Commons by our money grabbing, maggot MPs, thus sealing the demise of our democracy, it being the first of what will inevitably become a river of orders in the form of non-negotiable statutes passed to us by the German controlled EU, in accordance with their remit to in future enforce Economic Governance across Europe, to which we will inevitably be subject, once they create the crisis that will force our weak rulers to sign up for the Euro.

After Jan and Robert Kilroy-Silk, I was the third party member of a political party called Veritas, meaning truth, formed to bring that stolen commodity back to the people of the British Isles. We were thwarted, partly by the mainstream media, to whom the truth remains anathema. After the budget today, and with other ongoing and unstoppable events, the bloody penury of the British People will be shouted across the headlines of this same media, driving home to the former nation its dreadful message of the daily purgatory of being penniless.

This blog, is not one of those that likes to revel in expletives. Down the many years of Ironies and Ironies Too the writer has tried to avoid the use of expleteives, but on this occasion, given that there will most likely never again be another opportunity, bloodlessly so to do, I believe the House of Commons should quite simply, today tell the EU, to Fuck Off!

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