Saturday, March 19, 2011

Unconscionable Germany, and the obscene waste by Baroness Ashton and the EEAS.

Every individual employed by the EEAS should tender their resignations this weekend. One parliamentary question indicating the blind and reckless spending of that organisation, tabled last December, is linked here.

The Globe and Mail from Canada this morning publishes an article highlighting the farce that a common EU foreign policy is seen as in the saner world, read here.

Last September the UK Civitas organisation published a report calculating that the costs of the EEAS had by then reached 399 million pounds sterling and that the organisation was mainly engaged in 'spin' a euphemism for lies in post-Blair Britain.

Germany is presently holding a two year seat on the UN Security Council, yet in spite of their Foreign Minister promising that "Germany will be a reliable, responsible and engaged partner....We will do our part to ensure that the world continues to see the council as the central body for peace and security in the world." that country abstained in the vote aimed at putting a halt to the murderous Colonel Gadaffi having a free hand from the international community to carry on recklessly slaughtering his own citizens.

Which EU citizens wish to associate themselves with such an abstention, and what values are thus accepted, effectively stating "our neighbours may do as they wish, as long as we are free to tell all in the EU how to run their societies, while we continue getting ever richer, no matter what bestiality occurs beyond our immediate zone of control!"

What value do EU citizens gain from the hundreds of millions now being squandered by the EEAS? Is such arrogant carelessness what our hundreds of millions of pounds is being spent to promote, while our own aircraft carriers and fighter jets are prematurely scrapped?

Worse still, next week the 26 other nations plan to hand control of the economic governance of the EU to this same Germany. In Britain's case in a manner, sneaked before Parliament, in a grotesque mockery of what was once our democracy.

It is not even as if the events in Libya are happening in some far off corner of the world far from the EU. Malta, an EU member lies close by the Libyan coast less than half an hour flight away.

If this is not a defining crisis for the EU, then what else will ever be? The corrupt, mad and useless spending on the worthless and uselss EU must be brought to an end once and for all! Europeans must be free to consult their own  individual consciences in determining who might govern them. In such a manner do national consciences take form, this process cannot occur within the EU.

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