Thursday, March 17, 2011

Treason at Westminster (continued)

The full text from Hansard of the debate in Parliament last evening, when Ministers point blank refused to attempt to gain any concessions from the EU when agreeing to a Treaty amendment by use of the Lisbon passarelle is linked here. I quote merely from the speech of Bernard Jenkin MP:

In the few minutes for which I intend to speak, I shall concentrate on what was said by my hon. Friend the Member for Stone (Mr Cash) and by the right hon. Member for Rotherham (Mr MacShane). The Government should be worried when there is agreement between those two Members. On this occasion, they agree that momentous events are afoot. My hon. Friend seemed to be saying, in so many words, that while we had always opposed the formation of a federal Europe which would inevitably be dominated by Europe's major economic superpower-Germany-we were now facilitating the creation of a federal Europe, at least within the eurozone.

The matter will now receive further debate on Wednesday 23rd March, demand concessions be obtained by Britain before acceding to this change from your own MP!

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