Monday, March 21, 2011

RAF Typhoons at risk for nothing!

On 28th February a mere three weeks ago, this blog asked "Where is HMS Ark Royal NOW? You scumbag politicians" as David Cameron announced the case for a Libyan 'No Fly Zone'.

Did the spendthrift numbskulls leading this Coalition Government, Cameron, Clegg, Hague and Fox then pause and re-commission and re-deploy our then one remaining aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal to the Mediterranean, complete with its operational Harrier fighter jets, ideal for enforcement of a 'no fly zone'.  The ship, its planes and their pilots, had only just then been declared as fit for nothing else but the scrap heap? But No! Of course they did not! Such a reversal would have required a public admission of error and a speedy volte face. Something shirts stuffed only with pride could never contemplate! Yet it may well have saved the nation many millions of pounds!

Yesterday on Sky News TV, Dermot Murnaghan, (IMO one of the few intelligent broadcasters nowadays on British TV) asked General Lord Dannet about the HMS Ark Royal and the reply was clear, that even today that decision should be reviewed. Sky News, as usual continuing their own interests in driving British policy decisions, later edited out the references to the Ark Royal, re-playing Dannet's comments in subsequent news bulletins, as if no mention of HMS Ark Royal and its Harriers had ever been made.

Meantime, this same news broadcasting organisation showed three RAF Typhoons taking off from RAF Coningsby, reportedly to bomb Libya, in fact merely for Gioia del Colle airbase in southern Italy. The full sorry story of this plane, once known as the Eurofighter, may be read from here. Put simply, this plane, is an EU project and therefore, like all such expenditures, nothing but an expensive joke and confidence trick perpetrated against the people of Europe.

Putting such a piece of kit (which if the nation is to continue its present National Health Service and Foreign Aid programme, cannot possibly be afforded or justified) is political negligence of the highest order, when the HMS Ark Royal and its Harriers, already written off costwise, could have so easily been equipped and deployed!

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