Tuesday, March 22, 2011

EU/Irish face-off over Interest/Tax Rates Continues. Passarelle purgatory for the UK

The German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schauble, backed by his colleague from France, Christine Lagarde, made the following statement yesterday, as may be read in the concluding paragraphs in this report from the Irish Times:

... German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble said that Ireland must make “proposals” if it wants a reduction on the interest rates.
“When someone wants to change a contract which he has just agreed to, then he has to think not only about what the other party to the contract should change, but he must also come up with suggestions about what he can change himself,” he told reporters.
France’s finance minister, Christine Lagarde, took a similar line.
“Today we decided nothing on Ireland because we had no indication from our Irish colleague of any kind of modification,” she said.

What was deceided was a new seven hundred billion euros fund to guarantee future bail outs across the EU, only being used once Germany and France have established complete and absolute control over the running of the economies of all other former nations within the Euro Group.

Complacent Brits such as the conceited Cabinet Ministers of the Coalition Government, should read the Lisbon Treaty and awake to the fact that their nation is committed by Treaty to joining that very same Euro Group, that they will be bound by all provisions then in effect for the common currency, that this will occur sooner rather than later due to the bullying now an everyday occurrence within the Euro Zone and the power the Euro Zone will soon control to create a currency crisis for the pound sterling.

This is economic warfare, it has been ongoing since the Macmillan and Wilson Premierships*, which deliberately destroyed EFTA.  The British nation has subsequently been driven up a cul de sac by weak politicians while the final end game is about to begin, with the use of the Lisbon Treaty passarelle, in the Westminster parliament tomorrow.

*Two Harolds who lost us our country as effectively as their namesake in 1066!

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