Thursday, January 06, 2011

Cameron's Coalition facing Collapse?

The Sovereignty Bill, designed to castrate the British people of their last scrap of sovereignty, and hand it to the illegal UK Supreme Court, founded as ordered by the EU, and acting solely at the command of non-elected EU appointees is to be debated for six hours next Tuesday, one day after Parliament resumes.

According to the BBC, linked here, "Eurosceptics have already tabled 46 amendments and 5 new clauses" but even with Labour voting against the Bill (hypocrites as they always become once returning to opposition) the anti-democratic forces of the Cameroon's and Clegg's LibDems with their huge and corrupted payroll vote might just see the last straw for England's constitution passing into law.

All the more reason to marshall every vote against the three main parties in next Thursday's vote in Oldham!



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