Thursday, January 06, 2011

Britain's The Independent newspaper - Corrupt or just plain sloppy?

An article in The Independent this morning, linked here, quotes the English Democrats' candidate in Oldham, Steve Morris, as follows:

Stephen Morris, who was out yesterday doing his best to interest people in voting for the fringe right-wing party the English Democrats, has also noticed Liberal Democrat activity, but claimed to have seen no Conservative canvassers, nor even a Tory leaflet. "We can see it on the ground here that the Conservatives are just making a token effort. They are not taking it seriously," he claimed.

{Note in Independent newspaperspeak "fringe" means anything not on a Progressive agenda (ie 'No Can Do' and 'Not our fault') while "right wing" is the opposite of reality, (where it stands for 'Common Sense' which incorporates 'individual responsibility' such as 'can do' and 'you may rely on us'}

The newspaper, to me quite incredibly but in truly typical anti-democratic fashion, then goes on to list the candidates excluding Mr Morris and any mention of the English Democrats!

Other media in England are guilty of the same tactics, the BBC casually referring viewers and listeners to its website where I was unable to find such a complete list last evening when wishing to post the same on this blog, when I had to rely on The Guardian, as may be seen from the posting beneath this.

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