Monday, January 03, 2011

Cameron & Clegg prepare to finally destroy Britain's Parliamentary Sovereignty and Democracy!

The interview  of Bill Cash MP, Chairman of Parliament's European Scrutiny Committee, on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme early this morning was held at a time before audio links were provided on the internet, see here. This was clearly quite deliberate sabotage by the EU  propaganda and loan dependent state broadcasting organisation, which must be fully aware of the great gravity and colossal treason against the British people, that is involved in the EU legislation to be put to Parliament one week from tomorrow in the guise of an EU Sovereignty bill which in affect achieves the exact opposite of what it purports to protect and the reverse (in typical Tory fashion) of the Conservative manifesto pledges of the General Election held last May.

Melissa Kite wrote on this topic in the Telegraph over the weekend, linked here.  This blog will cover the detail of the drama as it unfolds!

Background reading:

"The UK and the European Union: Dimensions of Sovereignty and the problem of Eurosceptic Britishness" by Chris Gifford as published in 'Parliamentary Affairs', linked here in pdf  and here in html.

A posting on the blog with extensive links on Parliamentary Supremacy first posted in January 2008.

A posting on this blog on Plenipotentary Powers here and more on the same topic three days later, linked here.



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