Tuesday, January 04, 2011

EU attempting to destroy Switzerland's Constitutional Direct Democracy!

As this blog and its predecessor have always argued, democratic Switzerland with its 26 independent cantons and four official languages offers the best blueprint for a democratic EU.

Rather than contemplate such an objective we now learn from an interview of 20th December 2010 on the website Swissinfo, linked here, that the evil empire the EU is on the verge of becoming, is trying to destroy the very direct democracy that has brought Switzerland both its independent pride and its prosperity. I quote one small section of the linked interview with Hans Fehr who stated the following:

Take the example of the Schengen regulations in Europe [the agreement abolishing border controls between members]. We have been forced to adopt new laws – about 120 modifications just a few years – without being able to consult Swiss voters.

At the same time the costs for the Schengen treaty are soaring and the single border policy area is threatened by growing insecurity.

The joint working group in Brussels is discussing ‘institutional solutions’. They want us to take over new laws automatically and be subject to foreign judges.

But this is unacceptable for a sovereign state.



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