Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Obamaism shows its true roots! Europeans take note.

Bloomberg broke the news that President Obama is about to approach the brother of this man, Mayor Richard Daley, to become his White House Chief of Staff, which finally explodes the myth that President Obama is anything other than a product of Chicago machine politics, just as this blogger had always suspected. A good column, by John Kass, on the brother in question, Billy Daley presently of JP Morgan Chase,  is worth reading from the Chicago Tribune, linked here.

Hopefully voters across America and all those starry eyed non-thinking fad followers who hailed Obama's victory all across the world, together with the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, will take note and learn to evaluate the substance rather than the words or presentation before choosing their leaders and/or prize recipients, in the future. The costs of not so doing have yet to fully fall due, neither in America nor across the entire EU!

We must hope that the various crises now hitting the EU will similarly force the powerful anti-democrats, who have been imposing their tyranny across Europe over the past years, from out of the shadows!



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