Saturday, January 08, 2011

Cameron, the EU Bill and Oldham

Ian Dunt has some interesting comments on the upcoming fireworks expected for next week which will certainly affect Britain's relations with the EU., and hopefully even the very survival of its disastrously pro-EU governing coalition. The article on is linked here and the following is a brief quote on the Europe Bill:

Tuesday sees the bill undergo committee stage. Usually this means that members of the public bill committee can propose amendments, but in this case all members of the House will be able to do so - and vote on them. A substantial number of Tory MPs are understood to be trying to significantly amend the legislation, with proposals so radical the leadership will struggle to accept them. That will be a tough decision. If the government refuses to budge, rebel Tory backbenchers could vote against the bill.  

On the Oldham by-election the writer believes the following:

In reality, Cameron does want the Lib Dems to win. It's a three-way marginal and the Tories are a mere 2,000 vote behind the other two, but only the Lib Dems would realistically take the seat from Labour. A humiliating loss here would pile even more pressure on Nick Clegg. The standing of the Lib Dems has sunk so low that it is threatening the coalition. The more Lib Dem MPs feel that they are doomed, the more tempted they will be to get out of the coalition.
But that is short of wanting to permanently conjoin the Conservatives with the Lib Dems. These suspicions stem for the increasingly widespread conspiracy theory, among Tory backbenchers at least, that Cameron wants to join the parties in an effort to finally end the Thatcherite wing of the Conservatives and drag it to the centre.

I will try to post the various amendments being proposed to the EU Bill as soon as I can trace them.

Meantime Lord Tebbit in the Daily Mail is quite sensibly suggesting that Conservatives should vote for UKIP next Thursday at the Oldham by-election!

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