Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What is Britain's attitude to Franco-German Unification?

I blogged yesterday on the announcement that the leaders of France and Germany have effectively agreed to merge, in Britain the response has been total silence!

Since Britain was invaded and occupied by the Romans events taking place in the territories now forming France and Germany have been crucial to the peoples of our islands. Is it not therefore astounding that neither the supposed leaders of our nation nor their political parties nor our national media have not one single word to say on that topic, acknowledgement enough of our total insignificance?

No important foreign policy debate on Europe has taken place on the floor of the Houses of Commons since Maggie Thatcher's No!No!No!, speech of twenty years ago, for which she was removed from office by traitors led by M.Heseltine (in Germany on the evening of the fateful decision) and K.Clarke, the puppets of whom now run the nation on behalf of nameless individuals on the Continent.

Will any MP ask the faux Prime Minister Cameron, at question time in the House today, what Britain's attitude is towards such a merger? I personally doubt it! The main parliamentary event today will be in Dublin in my view, wher according to the Irish Times, here, three independent TDs will allow the EU to limp on into the New Year to all our huge costs!



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