Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RBS Directors breached their 'fiduciary responsibilities' - Wikileaks

The shocking revelation in this morning's Guardian newspaper, read here, that RBS Directors had breached their 'fidiciary duties' is hugely significant to RBS Shareholders and British Taxpayers involving as it does the whole question of the rule of law in Britain. I quote from the article:

Asked about the importance of a fiduciary responsibility, Simon Morris of law firm CMS Cameron McKenna said: "A fiduciary duty is about honesty. Shareholders give directors the power to run a company and a breach of that fiduciary duty is a reflection of a lapse in that honesty. A breach is also likely to be of interest to the FSA if it is an FSA regulated firm."

The fact that the FSA has only last week abandoned its own investigation of RBS, declaring that there was no wrongdoing at that huge bank, must leave the general public with only one conclusion to draw, that the rot in Britain's politics now goes across all three of the main political parties and extends over and up to the very peak of the British establishment. Even before this news, Britain was beginning to appear ungovernable in the face of the treason by the three main parties over the EU, this condoning and cover-up of criminal acts, which have themselves brought the nation to the brink of bankruptcy must surely spur our junior and non-involved MPs into urgent action?



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