Thursday, December 09, 2010

How Germany's Euro economic angst could disturb strategic considerations.

There is a very interesting report on EurActiv, linked here, titled Central European fears and the German 'question mark' which concludes with the following paragraphs:

The lack of guarantees extends beyond the American obsession with the Middle East. Central Europeans are having difficulty finding another Western European power, outside of Sweden, with an ear for their security concerns. They feel they need to counter Russia on their own, with limited backup.

There is always Germany, which Central Europeans should theoretically be able to turn to for support. At least on paper, Berlin is an EU and NATO ally. However, specific to the Central European fears — and a reality that is rarely spoken publicly in Central Europe — is the fact that Germany is becoming unhinged from the Cold War-era institutions.

Russia may be the obvious security threat, but it is Germany's evolving role — and, crucially, its warming relations with Moscow — that troubles Warsaw and other Central European capitals, most precisely because it is unclear which way Berlin is heading. Or, as Araud put it in 2007, Germany may have been 'America's model ally' during the Cold War, but it is quickly becoming a 'question mark'.

The mis-governance in the economic sphere now evident on both sides of the Atlantic will become ever more dangerous when such stunning incompetence is seen to spread to more critical areas of concern!

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