Monday, December 06, 2010

Never since Henry III have Continentals been so entwined in England's governance!

It was the actions of King John, his father which presented Henry with as many as nine half-sibling Lusignans, whom losing power in Poitevin demanded a slice of the Englisgh cake, therefore blame for that resulting loss of autonomy can hardly be laid at the youthful Henry's door.

Henry III's marriage to Eleanor of Provence, a Savoyard, however, brought the powerful influences of the Dukes of Burgundy to the heart of the English court and these growing strains were further compounded when Spanish influence was added with the marriage of his son and heir to Eleanor of Castile placing huge stresses upon the backs of the English citizenry already reeling from the losses of their possessions in France.

As the euro-currency crisis deepens and the small clique of well-connected and privileged non-entities who have wrested control of the Conservative Party, thanks to the machinations of Michael Howard, from the properly elected Iain Duncan-Smith begin to direct policy and funds to suit their historical family connections (as with George Osborne's award of the entire proceeds from the first year of Britain's planned austerity across the Irish Sea, to support the euro rather than offer any assistance to the duped Irish people) it is surely desirable that the motivations of those involved be questioned.

David Cameron, who boasts that Scot's bloods flows deep within his veins, must surely have suspect motivations on the tuition fee issue that will be under much discussion this week. Coming on top of the huge discrepancies in taxation and benefits caused by the Barnett Formula, selecting only England's students to be saddled with this levy of up to £9,000 per year, while Cameron's countrymen north of the English/Scotttish border go 'scot free' is clearly unconscionable, especially as not one step has yet been taken by the Coalition Government to undo the many existing inequities.

The influence of the EU in our legislative processes, do not forget, is nowadays consistently estimated at around the 75% level.

The EU background of the leader of the Conservative's Coalition partners the LibDems is further cause for concern. Nick Clegg's curious family background coming on top of his status as an EU pensioner already calls into question his true objectives. As Spain now totters on the edge of insolvency his connections through marriage and the growing presence of Spanish banks in British High Streets will require careful monitoring as the next stage of the euro-currency crisis unfolds.

No doubt Cameron and the Scottish Nationalists are feeling remarkably cocky at present as they keep the financial screws firmly in place on the thumbs of the English, they should recall that after Henry III came his son Edward Longshanks, Hammer of the Scots and that such cycles of history are oft repeated down history, eventually  the influence of Castile and the Poitevins on England's history passed. So too, we must trust, will that of the EU!

An interesting week lies ahead!



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