Sunday, December 05, 2010

FIFA fibbers are not Britain's biggest betrayers.

There are far worse con men at work on the near Continent ready to destroy and undermine the best intersts of the British people, yet a glance at the mainstream media this Sunday morning from London would leave an impression that football skullduggery is the nation's greatest clear and present danger.

The politicians of the three main parties, united in their anti-constitutional conspiracy to pass the Lisbon Treaty, have destroyed the wealth of the nation and passed its assets, democracy and power of governance to foreigners.

Watching the pathetic video of the Prime Minister in Downing Street on his return from Zurich this week, he clearly had no grasp of the sheer venality with which he was confronted over the award of the 2018 World Cup of football.  Yet daily and weekly he and his pathetic team of overgrown schoolboys are trying to deal with far greater duplicity and hugely more sinister consequences in the various organs of the wealth destroying European Union. Cameron and his team are clearly completely ignorant as to the nature of the threats the nation faces.

Not a comforting thought at all this Sunday, especially when across the Atlantic even more dire economic consequences appear to be looming on the horizon.

What I wrote on EU lies and the banking stress tests last July is here. Until our national leaders and MPs in Parliament recognise such facts no solution will appear to our present economic difficulties. Wet behind the ears milksops cannot cut it!



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