Thursday, December 09, 2010

FT Letter warns Cameron and Clegg of English Tuition Fees Backlash

A letter from Dr Brian Jones, Senior Lecturer at Leeds Business School is published in the FT this morning and may be read from this link. It comes in response to an editorial in that newspaper dated 7th December titled "Clegg accepts the high price of power" linked here. The letter highlights in very moderate terms the absolute outrage of politicians elected in Scotland and Wales voting on the tripling of fees for English students only, ie such fees will not be applicable within their own constituencies!

ALL English Constituency MPS MUST therefore vote against the proposed legislation, to do otherwise would be to spit in the face of democracy!

English Constituency Conservative MPs will be voting for their own political suicides if they support this legislation around tea-time this afternoon. Please make your own MP aware of the consequences for them individually.

I link a post I made on this topic at the beginning of this week titled Never since Henry III have Continentals been so entwined in England's governance"   from which I quote this particularly important passage:

David Cameron, who boasts that Scot's bloods flows deep within his veins, must surely have suspect motivations on the tuition fee issue that will be under much discussion this week. Coming on top of the huge discrepancies in taxation and benefits caused by the Barnett Formula, selecting only England's students to be saddled with this levy of up to £9,000 per year, while Cameron's countrymen north of the English/Scotttish border go 'scot free' is clearly unconscionable, especially as not one step has yet been taken by the Coalition Government to undo the many existing inequities.

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