Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The West's triple tragedies of 7th December 2010

First - The US President and Congress, having been presented with a demand by their own Deficit Commission for an urgent and vast cut in the US Governmant's cash shortfall, instead agreed on vast new tax reductions and spending increases.

Second - The finance ministers of the 27 former nations who instead now form the European Union, faced with the collapse of the block's joint currency and sovereign default amongst several of its number, met in the Ecofin Council and knowing that to do nothing was not an option - decided to do just that - absolutely nothing.

Third - The tool of oppression and facilitator for the growing tyranny across Europe, the European Union's  European Arrest Warrant, was used to jail a man in London (home of Habeus Corpus) who had been accused of no crime, refused any bail, and supposedly co-incidentally had, in the immediately preceding few days, caused discomfit to practically every government across the so-called free world.

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