Monday, December 13, 2010

London's Mayor demands an apology for all Euro-sceptics! What about Major over Thatcher?

The amusing article with a harsh, strong and hard element of truth is in the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here. The short piece concludes as follows:

Politics made the euro, and politics can destroy it, especially if electorates start to feel it is a machine for German domination and the destruction of benefits and wages; or if the German electorate feels that it is a machine for fleecing Germany. 

In the meantime, all those snooty Europhile politicians and journalists who sneered at us for our doubts should be forced to crawl in penitence to Dublin Castle, scourging themselves with copies of the Maastricht Treaty. We have been vindicated, and the least they can do is admit it. They know who they are.

In fact, matters are far more serious than the vote-dependent London Mayor dares to proclaim as he is a member of one of the three main British political parties that have wrought this disaster. Those responsible for the destruction of the nation's democracy, as can now be be seen for reasons almost solely connected with the aquisition of unaccountable political power and personal gain from their self-perpetuating obscene perks and subsequent pensions need to be completely stripped of both, if any kind of return to accountable democratic rationality requiring a broad national healing process is to be achieved.

Watch one such smug, self-satisfied, former Conservative Prime Minister (signatory of Maastricht) on TV only yesterday morning, acting for all the world as though he were an ordinary decent human being with no connection to the man who benefitted from replacing MaggieThatcher only 20 years ago when she warned the nation in Parliament of the grave dangers we faced, from here.

Below this is the fighting lady this smarmy low-life, John Major, actually fought against to gain power and his present fat pension and appear on the nation's main BBC TV channel and propaganda outlet for the EU, on a Sunday morning and support a left-leaning ultra pro-EU Coalition Government (which has ceded more power in a few months to the EU than others have done over years):

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