Friday, December 10, 2010

A simple garden spade against the English Supreme Court - Symbol of EU Oppression

Amongst all the violence and damage, caused mainly by the mindless kettling policy of London's police force, at the tuition fees protest during the vote in Parliament yesterday afternoon (passed by 21 votes thanks to 28 Liberal/Democrats voting directly contrary to their manifesto promises of only seven months ago) this one piece of well thought through action against the windows of the obsecenity that is an English Supreme Court, itself a foul and unconstitutional concept imposed upon us by the EU, at least was successfully and peacefully accomplished and happily recorded

We must hope that the occupants of that building give due thought to the significance of this act and the inherent treachery of their own positions. (For more on this blog on the "Supreme Court" enter those words in this blog's search bar above).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip - I've long wondered where in the scheme of things the supreme court fitted in.

1:21 PM  

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