Saturday, December 11, 2010

Halley's Comet next candidate for a Nobel Peace Prize?

The empty chair at yesterday's Nobel Committee Peace Prize Committee, read here, seemed at least initially better considered than last year's recipient, President Barack Obama, who had barely arrived in office when nominated and managed to achieve nothing further in the way of world peace by the time of the ceremony.

President Obama has since lived down to every lowered expectation an achievement seemingly even recognised by himself when he yesterday appeared to acknowledge that the empty chair itself was a more worthy recipient.

The Nobel Committee will struggle to provide a way to cap these recent absurdities for future awards, may I suggest a regular award to Halley's Comet on each of the 75 years or so that it does not appear as it supposedly always brings misfortune. That will leave the Committee no need to further exercise their feeble brains until 2061 when the Comet is next due to appear and a truly worthy Peace Prize recipient might by then have become more obvious.



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