Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can Sarkozy really get the French to joint fiscalization with Germany?

There is a curious report in EurActiv following the Freiburg meeting between France and Germany, linked here, from which I quote the following:

"We have agreed to the convergence of German and French tax policies and I thank the German chancellor for this opening," said French President Nicolas Sarkozy after a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel in the southwestern city of Freiburg.

"We are talking about labour law, about tax law, and if we are to improve the coherence of the economic aspects of the euro zone, then we should target these issues step by step and propose solutions," added Merkel.

Has President Sarkozy forgotten the French voters' rejection of more EU in the referendum on the EU Reform Treaty later to become the widely loathed Lisbon Treaty? Have the leaders of the EU completely lost all contact with reality?

Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land EU!



Blogger Robert said...

They will try anything to keep the project going.

8:59 AM  

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