Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brussels - EU Crunch Point from 1700 CET today 15th December 2010!

Vicious Greek riots yesterday, one report here, while Irish politicians chickened out of the opportunity to bring to a dead halt the anti-democratic obscenity which Europe's corrupt and weak leaders have allowed the EU to become. That chance now passes to Portugal and Spain who discouragingly continued their doomed battle to pretend they retain functioning economies.

In the Palace of Westminster, backbench MPs of the Conservative portion of Britain's craven coalition (which solely serves the totalitarian EU) according to their insiders blog, ConservativeHome, could mainly merely complain of the organisation that handles their expenses, thus emphasising their own overriding self-interest, on top of which came the news that the National Audit Office will not sign off the House of Commons accounts because of £14 million expense discrepencies. MEPs meanwhile are also off on holiday having finally agreed a grotesque increased EU budget of 2.9% and awarded themselves an extra £100,000 tax free expenses, read here.

So Merry Christmas NOT to all our elected representatives! May the New Year see them all receive their just come-uppance.



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