Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jail for Gordon Brown!

It is extremely gratifying for this blogger to read a call for the jailing of the former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, in a national newspaper. Jeremy Warner an Assistant Editor of the Daily Telegraph writes in that newspaper, linked here: "The case is quite easily constructed; that he did willfully take the brakes off public spending, that he failed to control the recklessness of the banks, that he stripped the Bank of England of its powers of financial supervision and gave them instead to a shiny new, politically correct but wholly inept regulator, that he misled parliament over the state of the public finances....." It may often have seemed fanciful in the boom times of recent years when I called for just such a future policy, there are several other members of the former cabinet who should eventually join him if this nation is ever to restore a working democracy. In a couple of years further in to this age of austerity the demands across the towns and villages will, I believe, achieve just that, but a good start can be made with Brown. Introducing the Brown Levy I suggested here, here, here and here,will add to the pressure and is daily becoming a more urgent necessity in the face of the now obvious UK Property Price collapse which will simultaneously require the amended equity loss sharing arrangements long proposed on this blog..

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