Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Labour Leader, Ed Miliband, silent on the EU

The new leader of the Labour Party in Britain, made a long speech full of the usual platitudes and containing faint praise for his predecessors (never did I think to hear again Harold Wilson's ludicrous phrase of the white heat of technology!), but a huge gaping hole was left in all his proposals for the future of the nation in its present dire straits, by ignoring its present complete subjugation to the EU - not one single word, nor even a passing reference. Miliminor, (as this blog will refer to him until the moment he confronts the greatest issue in politics, talked of changing politicians and politics), if he dare not even mention the title of the organisation that threatens Britain to an extent far greater than all the many other perils, then what hope can there be. Once again Britain has its three main parties led by puppets of an alien and hostile foreign tyranny.



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