Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mr Beane, Deputy BoE Governor, OutBeans Atkinson!

An item in the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here, with a photograph of the extremely shifty looking character bearing the name Charles Beane and holding the title Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, reports that this man has yesterday truly shown the complete lack of probity, let alone plain commonsense, that drives the thoroughly reckless and increasingly desperate individuals who still govern us. The totally misguided advice the newspaper reports this clown Beane to be offering "Older Households" and those with savings is to stop complaining about low interest rates and to start spending to help the economy. Since when does spending help the economy? It tweaks the indices that the BoE and others have devised to give the impression of prosperity in a morally (and soon economically) bankrupt nation, perhaps, but senior citizens buying a second flat screen TV or new French or Japanese car will merely destroy their chances of survival in the coming years of depression those, such as this particular clown Beane, have helped to create. This blog has known that this nonsense has been Government policy for years and regularly warned of the consequences, well they have arrived and Beane's words proved this end has been deliberately contrived by either very devious men or complete and utter fools. Look again at the photograph of Beane and his boss in the paper and form your own view as to which of the two they be. Hang on to what savings you have and prepare for the rainy day, which the likes of the sallow Beane is now realising, men such as he can no longer ignore. I bet those of you who voted Conservative at the last election are truly surprised to be today receiving such amazing and suicidal advice, am I right?



Blogger Robert said...

I didn't vote Conservative and nothing surprises me about the con artists who profess to know what is happening.

8:47 AM  

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