Saturday, September 25, 2010

A silver lining to the black cloud of Britain's debt?

As I have hinted in earlier postings made this week on the general topic of the collapse of the Euro, with proper planning and deft diplomatic footwork Britain could soon set itself on a golden path to renewed prosperity. Gold and silver both rose to dizzying heights of relative dollar values at the end of this week, read one report from Bloomberg via the Sydney Morning Herald, linked here, headlined "Silver hits 30-year high as gold touches $US1300" Where can investors find protection for their capital in a world offering interest rates close to zero or effectively below zero when considering inflation and the exchange rate risks. On top of these considerations comes the real prospect of sovereign default? The three main credit rating agencies are quite frankly effectively discredited especially since the granting of AAA status to the EU rescue package backed by states themselves about to tap into the available funds! Who can investors now trust with their money? While the focus of Britain's relationship with the eurozone group of countries must be supportive and meticulously correct during the period of crumble and collapse of the common currency (Britain can ill afford providing justification for any accusation that they have in some way contributed to the coming chaos as they have managed to achieve to date) steps could nevertheless be undetaken to prepare new debt instruments, backed by the historical probity and centuries long record of non-default by the Bank of England, which could offer investors some certainty of a return of their money at a similar purchasing value, which is what is presently apparently being sought in the rush into precious metals, with their zero returns and accompanying risks of value erosion should quantatitive easing be sensibly be abandoned. If Britain had not lost the capacity to bring forth political leaders of character, such a scenario would be feasible. Given the reality of our Coalition Government we will instead, no doubt, simply be dragged down with the rest of the Continent, thus gaining nothing from our brave effort of having retained our national currency over recent years, in the apparently vain hope of eventually salvaging some of our lost sovereignty. Could Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Cable devise such plans and present them as both believable and feasible? Better chance of that than of either of the two Marxist-bred Miliband brothers even wishing to restore wealth and prosperity to the nation, their cause seems one of political ideology of a nature always resisted in our islands! The fact that one or the other of these brothers will later today be announced as leader of the Labour Party and now sole opposition party, will make 25th September 2010 one of the blackest days in British history, whatever turns out with the Euro.

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Blogger Robert said...

Perhaps they should get Brown. After all he did save the world.

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