Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For which Nation does Nick Clegg speak at the UN?

Nicholas William Peter Clegg (such refreshingly cosy sounding familiar Christian names) has his family tree listed on the Wikipedia web site which is linked here. The information provided seems largely backed up in an article from "Family Detective" on Nick Clegg which appeared shortly after he beat Chris Huhne for the leadership of the Liberal Democrat party, which is linked from here. On Wikipedia Clegg allows this thumbnail description: Clegg is multilingual: he speaks English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish. His background has informed his politics. He says, "There is simply not a shred of racism in me, as a person whose whole family is formed by flight from persecution, from different people in different generations. It’s what I am. It’s one of the reasons I am a liberal." His Dutch mother instilled in him "a degree of scepticism about the entrenched class configurations in British society". Before we go further let me declare my interest in this particular subject, Clegg is a typical Euro leech, who normally would not be worth the effort of investigating, British politics is full of such pensioned apparatchiks whose (tax dubious) EU pensions would be at risk were they not to spend every waking minute extending the seditious powers of this foul institution. Yesterday morning it was reported, however, that Clegg had stepped over the line by suggesting that the use of Tax Accountants was somehow immoral. Let me be clear on this blog's position on tax, namely that it is the duty of every citizen, in the interests of his own family, for whom he/she is ultimately responsible to reduce their tax payments to the legal minimum within their country of residence. Secondly let me re-iterate that the evasion of national taxes is theft of their taxpaying countrymen's funds especially when they are accomplished by secretive amendments and hidden clauses in various EU Treaties. Such evasion should IMO become a criminal offence that would thereafter place large numbers of Britain's Great and the so-called Good, being such recipients, firmly behind bars - our Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg would, because of his EU background, necessarily be among them. But Clegg is not just any old greedy British failed politician milking the system for all he is worth, in fact Nick Clegg can hardly be considered British, let alone English at all. Even the two linked articles above show he is at best only one quarter British, yet the missing portions of the Wikipedia illustrated family tree (note number 21) and background of the humble origins of his supposed British forebears raise more questions than are answered. How, for instance, from his oh so humble origins, did Dr Hugh Anthony Clegg rise to edit the British Medical Journal and earn such a lengthy tribute, linked here, which noted that he was quite an internationalist as a member of the Council of the World medical association and initiated (and later served as its Secretary) the First World Conference on Medical Education. A surprising feat implying considerable international networking for an individual with the background described in the last two paragraphs of the Telegraph link. Speculation and research on my own ancestry with a similar anomaly I have learned cannot easily be discovered let alone explained, so we will leave such questions aside. It is clear enough from the undisputed facts and background that Nick Clegg is by no means a typical average Brit! Four languages indeed, I am deeply envious I must admit! So how did this internationalist arrive in Downing Street at the heart of Britain's Governmental power? Well obviously the EU has played its part, in fact looking at the article on Clegg's expenses manipulations, linked here, we discover this startling information: The claims also include two bills for the Liberal Democrat leader’s home phone in Sheffield, one for £105.88 and the other for £121.56. These detailed four calls to Colombia, including two mobile phones, three to Vietnam, including two mobiles, and 21 calls to Belgium, including six mobiles. Draw what conclusions you wish from these mistaken claims, in my mind far more damage has been done to Clegg's reputation as a freely acting typical Englishman that he likes to portray than to his other facade as an English gentlemen, unlikely to be putting in 21 calls to Belgium, home country to the odious EU, drug-war torn Colombia and even Vietnam let alone claiming their costs from the poor old British taxpayer. Yet worse, far worse is to come today! Fresh from his appearences on TV this past weekend and exhortations at his party conference in Liverpool when he lectured the nation on the burning necessity for massive and immediate cuts (which this blog does not dispute) he is now prepared to stand before the UN and on behalf of these same suffering taxpayers, proffer untold bounty and largesse to be spread around the world by organisations broadly similar to the corrupted EU and generally stuffed full of Clegg-like clones syphoning much of the donated funds as they laboriously make their way to the poor. Only a leader of a nation acting on behalf of interests beyond that nation's shores would attempt such perfidy. Who does Clegg represent, it speaks for itself really, does it not? Anybody and anything other than the UK appears the only answer. Look again at the family tree for Nick Clegg on the Wikipedia link at the head of this posting, and ponder was he perhaps selectively bred and meticulously programmed by the sinister forces behind the EU from his earliest days to appear as a virtual Englishman while working towards our final destruction, not much that he does seems to work against such a theory? Is Nick Clegg, perhaps, a prototype model of an EURobot? How can Conservative MPs allow such an outrage to continue? Ask them if you plan to attend their conference.

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