Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweden's established parties rocked as British Tea Party is formed

Survival, yes survival to even maintain the essentials of life will soon become the main concern of everyday life for tens of millions of people living in the so called prosperous developed West. Our currencies are about to be rocked by further rounds of quantatitive easing, in other words, the printing of money with only one inevitable consequence - the trashing of its worth. In the EU the ECB will continue to act as a lender of last resort to banks and sovereign nations alike with nothing and nobody, absolutely zero to back-up their commitments. In Britain I wrote in length last Saturday, of the treacherous self-serving political consensus which through disregard of our constitution has handed control of our country to foreigners apparently solely for the financial gain and continuance in power of our present political class. Peter Hitchens in his Mail on Sunday column puts it more delicately but just as effectively and it is linked here. In the Telegraph we were also informed of a new ray of hope in that a British Tea Party is to be formed linked here. It has seemed to me for a long time that change will only arrive with the democratic removal of the representatives of our three main corrupt parties from Parliament, which requires an educated and informed electorate. After my own personal experiences with UKIP and Veritas I began to believe that given the deliberate destruction of Britain's election system this was looking increasingly impossible. I now am beginning to believe that I have underestimated the shallowness and greed of the leading members of our main political parties which is now set to actually bring down the entire system that supports them. In the coming atumn when the needed spending cuts are finally announced, will the people turn to some represenatives and leaders with decency and a readiness to act with honesty, we must hope such a change will perhaps arrive before it is too late. It seems the Swedes at least are ready to contemplate complete change!



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