Friday, September 17, 2010

Catholics cleverly manipulate Pope's schedule to maximise the impact of their conquest of England's Protestantism!

Across the world two of England's best branded sports which it has given the world, lawn tennis and rugby have their headquarters in South West London, the former at Wimbledon and the latter at Twickenham. How best to spread the message worldwide that England, the ancient enemy of their power obsessed church, has been conquered. Sporting fans with no interest in religion, spread out across the entire English speaking world will thus be forced to become aware that the Roman Catholic church is grinding a figurative but very deliberate leather clad German foot into our faces, as Pope Benedict this morning, very deliberately made his much televised way from Wimbledon to Twickenham!. How came this about? The BBC is to blame, not the broadcasting propaganda unit of the EU in this case but Blair, Brown and Cameron. Treacherous Prime Ministers who have taken it in turn to betray the country whose interests it was their duty to protect. Since when could the spread of the Catholic faith be seen as fulfilling that function?



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