Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The politics of the Pope's visit to Britain

Officially the EU is a secular, therefore non religious organisation. Yet, as with all else connected with this multi-tentacled organisation, nothing is ever as it seems. The Independent in a leading article "A mistake of State" today expresses some of the many doubts but mainly from a religious viewpoint, linked here, yet far more important is the political symbolism which to my mind is hugely significant. Here we have a German Pope, a one time member of the Hitler Youth, a successor to a line of leaders who have used their position of wealth and power as the most implacable enemies of the peoples of these islands, often using their Scots allies to try to destroy our hard won freedoms and liberties which they presumably feared as a threat to their own power. Fitting therefore that ths visit will begin North of England's border with Scotland. The Catholic Church lies at the heart of the EU project, its flag symbolises this fact, read here. For centuries British Protestantism has been our main protector of our liberties. I quote below a letter, written just over 450 years ago, to five Catholc bishops from the First Queen Elizabeth (how her namesake has betrayed her heritage, having twice visited the Vatican to kiss the papal ring and now hosts this man on a State visit as he arrives to view the conquered and downtrodden landscape of this sorry EU outpost - our once sovereign nation):
[Queen Elizabeth's reply to an address from five Catholic bishops] "Sirs,—As to your entreaty for us to listen to you, we have it yet, do return you this our answer. Our realm and subjects have been long wanderers, walking astray whilst they were under the tuition of Romish Pastors, who advised them to own a Wolf for their head (in lieu of a careful Shepherd) whose inventions, heresies, and schisms be so numerous, that the flock of Christ have fed on poisonous shrubs for want of wholesome pastures. And whereas, you list us and our subjects in the teeth, that the Romish Church first planted the Catholic faith within our realms, the records and chronicles of our realms testify to the contrary, and your own Romish idolatry maketh you liars; witness the ancient monument of Gildas, unto which both foreign and domestic have gone in pilgrimage, there to offer. This author testifieth Joseph of Arimathea to be the first preacher of the word of God within our realms. Long after that period when Austin came from Rome, this our realm had Bishops and Priests therein, as is well known to the wise and learned of our realm, by woeful experience, how your Church entered therein by blood, they being martyrs for Christ, and put to death because they denied Rome's usurped authority. As for our Father being drawn away from the Supremacy of Rome by schismatical and heretical counsels and advisers, who, we pray advised him more or flattered him than you, good Mr. Father, when you were Bishop of Rochester? And then, you Mr Bonner, when you were Archdeacon? And you Mr. Turberville? Nay, further... who was more an adviser to our Father than your great Stephen Gardiner, when he lived?.... Was it not you and such like advisers that... stirred up our Sister against us and other of her subjects? Whereas you would frighten us by telling how Emperors... have owned the Bishop of Rome's authority. It was contrary in the beginning, for our Saviour Christ paid His tribute unto Cæsar, as the chief superior; which shows your Romish supremacy is usurped.... We give you, therefore, warning, that for the future, we hear no more of this kind, lest you provoke us to execute those penalties enacted for the punishing of our resisters, which out of our clemency we have foreborne." —From Greenwich, Dec. 6, Anno Secundo Regni. I hope that the people of England will find calm and dignified ways of displaying our national disgust at the actions of OUR leaders in arranging this disgrace wherever the Pope travels in our country, remembering that he is merely fulfilling and relishing centuries of endeavour by his church to arrive at this end. The video recording from the Scottish blooded Prime Minister, David Cameron may be viewed here: A message from the pope also on video stating he is looking forward to a "joyful celebration may be viewed from here. Joyful Celebration, I could hardly have put it better were I in his triumphalist shoes, but since when do a victor's celebrations bring joy to the vanquished and defeated? "An incredibly important and historic visit" Cameron says. Why does he think so, I wonder? He is nevertheless absolutely correct whatever his particular reasons for describing it as such may be, never IMO has he spoken truer words, and as such it is an insult to all living Englishmen and our ancestors who have fought for centuries to avoid the secret subservience this man as head of the Vatican State represents. State Visit indeed! (Edited 1230 GMT to fix a link and make minor adjustments)



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