Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another face of Britain's smug, self-satisfied and hopeless Civil Service

After foreign wind-farm promoter and retired grandée and inquirer into the walking offence against humanity that is the habitual liar Tony Blair, one Sir John Chilcot mentioned on this blog in connection with Britain's corrupted civil service, most recently on 29th August, we can now bring you another mechéant mandarin: Permanent Secretary for tax (does that title indeed not say it all, for were he not permanent there might be some chance of rectifying the appalling mess that is Britain's tax system) one Dave Hartnett. (Spelling?? The BBC also has Harnett???) Listen to the stupefying glibness of this publicly employed overseer of a department so riddled with incompetence that it boggles the mind. It arrived on the Today programme via a "Moneybox Programme" interviewer as the subject and his department refused to be interviewed on the BBC flagship current affairs radio programme, which with his odious comments and attitude says it all really. Click here and listen from 55 seconds into the clip.

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