Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Conservative Chancellor, George Osborne hands UK Financial Regulation to the EU

The report from the Associated Press is here. The financial transaction tax has not been agreed today, but will no doubt follow in the near future given Prime Minister David Cameron's approval of the concept on 17th June at the last European Council meeting. The European Parliament has to agree the multiple new EU Regulatory Authorities, but given the only country with an International Financial Centre in its Capital has only a small minority of such MEPs, AND the fact that almost all of these are troughing traitors to the land of their birth, there is no hope remaining that a financial services flight from London will now begin, thus further worsening the complete bankrupt state of the United Kingdom. Thanksa bunch, you treacherous Tory con men and all the other UK politicans who have deviously laboured down the years to achieve this end!



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