Saturday, September 04, 2010

Misplaced laughter at Government theft and negligence is unacceptable!

The flagship current affairs output of the BBC radio broadcasting is the 0810 am interview spot on the Radio Four Today Programme. This morning it covered the report that some six million PAYE taxpayers are likely to be required to repay an average of fifteen hundred pounds due to errors in the tax collection system. One report of the details is linked here. An Accountant's Representative, a Ms Montieth was interviewed by John Humphrys at around this time this morning and the couple were apparently reduced to helpless laughter at the facts that, the notifications would not be copied to people's tax agents, that phoning the helpline would remain unanswered even after as much as three weeks, that earlier years complex calculations would be required and that effectively innocent taxpayers would have no recourse but to pay nor proper means to verify whether these new calculations were correct or not. Given this lamentable state of affairs, taxpayers on reading the transcript of the interview could well decide that a tax strike was now their only recourse. This section of the Today's programme of today seems to have been removed from the usual running transcript, see here. If an audio link becomes available I will link it here for the general public to weep, not laugh, at what Britain has become. Link added 8th September. The lamentable state of HMRC from Radio 4!

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