Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Voodoo Mau Mau woman is fitting Blair Legacy

The paper's and broadcasters have much to say on Tony Blair, whose book of spin, half-truths and self-justifications is published today, while Blair himself is fittingly reported to be leaving for the USA. Tony Blair has already been categorized on this blog to have been the most disastrous and despicable Prime Minister of Britain for the entire twentieth century and forecast to retain that title for the 21st. The economic consequences of his misrule are yet to be fully felt and without doubt will last for decades. More apt, as a vivid illustration of his legacy, was the appearence yesterday afternoon on a popular game show, carried by a publicly funded British television channel, of a woman who had arrived in this country in 1998, one year after Blair's misgovernance and destruction of Britain had begun. Whooping and yelling she repeatedly extolled the virtues of her Kenyan Kikuyu tribe origins and the glories of the Mau Mau. The rights and wrongs, various outrages and atrocities of that colonial conflict do not require further analysis or comment here and now. The reality of how much Blair and New Labour detested Britain and its people can have received no clearer illustration than the hatred still lying in this woman's heart as a dozen years since she first arrived as a guest in the UK she whooped her war cries and yelled Mau Mau at the cameras in the Deal or No Deal studio set. The angst felt by the Kikuyo people in Kenya in the nineteen-fifties can today be sympathetically understood, the hatred Tony Blair and his henchman so obviously held for his country and felt towards his fellow countrymen I feel sure will not be found in his self-serving book, I for one will not be seeking it. The excess, uncounted and unnecessary immigration into Britain allowed under Tony Blair's government has already been shown to have been deliberate, was it also deliberately targeted for arrivals from the country's known former enemies? This performance, which if I find a video link I will post it here,certainly makes it appear that it indeedit may have been.

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