Sunday, August 29, 2010

One face of Britain's Corrupted Civil Service

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, is interviewed in The Observer this morning on the topic of the austerity regime to be announced in October, linked here. Spending ministers MUST demand that the first cuts must fall on the corrupt 600,000 leaches within the Public Sector who have helped themselves to vast perks and pension pots without any provision for their funding. Included in such cuts should also be the MPs own pension provisions. Donation to the state of the private homes acquired by MPs through the disgraceful expenses allowances, such as those in the property portfolios of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister could make the coming cuts more palatable to the public. Sir John Chilcott and other knavelike Knights have been already exposed and thus become topics of coverage on this blog, type "Knighthoods" in the search bar above to read past postings on this disgrace. If the leaders of the Coalition Government will not take the lead in purging the country of the corruption now gripping the nation, then for the sake of their own futures, spending department Secretaries of State and their Ministers must now do so! Criminal proceedings against the New Labour ex-Cabinet Ministers who authorised and gave tacit blessing to these excesses for their own puposes should be the first step. The axe must then fall on the the mass of materialistic public employees who, while destroying the underlying fabric of the nation state, have gorged themselves insensible at the public trough so that they today even lack the ability to sense the enormity of what they have accomplished nor follow the line through to the eventual obvious consequences.

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