Friday, August 27, 2010

Some Pension Fat Cats Named

Click here for the latest on the Jail the Whitehall 600,000 Campaign from The Slog. A quote from the conclusion to the much more detailed posting is as follows: I could carry on giving examples of this kind of self-donated largesse forever and a day. This is not a political issue any more: it is one of apolitical justice. There are two things that make this scandal infinitely worse than banker bonuses and MPs' expenses: 1. Some bankers are actually incredibly good at what they do - and, on pre-agreed criteria - more than achieved their profit targets. Most of the Whitehall troughers have presided over abject failure. 2. While MPs working an expenses system is infuriating, it is a minute cost to Britain compared to the extra trillion Pounds these civil service peacocks have awarded themselves since 2006. The initial objective of this campaign remains the same: to establish a simple principle - regardless of past agreements on pension accumulation in the civil service - which dictates NO FUNDING, NO BENEFITS. It is outrageous that these leeches should expect us to pay for their retirement when they quite knowingly gifted huge sums to themselves knowing there were no budgets to pay for them. But after this, our central question is still, "Who authorised these unfunded awards, and when will the Serious Fraud Office be called in to investigate?"
WRITE TO YOUR MP: 'NO FUNDING, NO BENEFITS' Email and comment thread wherever you can to ensure that this greed does not go unpunished. This is what the internet is for: use it,or lose it.



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