Thursday, August 26, 2010

Obscene pensions, EU waste and Lost Democracy

Click here for update on the "Jail the Whitehall 600,000". There is a Daily Telegraph report from November 2006 on the 1.7 million pensions available even then and against which this blog has long campaigned, read it here. We wish The Slog much success in its campaign and hope the reference to interest from The Sun in today's post bears fruit, for the blogosphere has so far proved ineffective in arousing the public in the huge criminality at play in the governance of the country over recent years; The conomic crisis might also do the trick, as hinted at in this from today's Telegraph web pages. A quote:

Yields on 10-year Swiss bonds fell to 1.02pc as investors flocked into the ultimate safe-haven asset, now outperforming gold.

No country in the developed world apart form Japan has ever seen 10-year yields drop below 1pc. Rates remained significantly higher during the two great depressions of the 1870s and the 1930s.......(blog editor's highlight)

While it concludes....

The next phase of the crisis will see revenge by all those who have already taken a big hit, or expect to do so: whether under water on their mortgages, unemployed, dependent on health support, or state employees. Democracy will have its way.

Well we can indeed hope that will be the case, but how it will play out given the apparent powerlessness of the nations states to prevent runaway EU expenditure, reported elsewhere in the same newspaper's pages, remains to be seen!

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I'm obliged to you for this plug...more revelations today and tomorrow.


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