Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Wheat Genome, Robespierre's Terror and Decency.

In Professor Norman Davies's tour de force 'Europe - A History', he recounts how wheat, being a seasonal crop requires intensive labour only at the spring sowing and autumn harvest, thus leaving early Europeans, whose staple cereal wheat became, "time and freedom to branch out, to grow secondary crops, to reclaim land, to build, to fight, to politicize." Such a conjunction, he continued "may well contain the preconditions for many features of Europe's social and political history, from feudalism and individualism to warmongering and imperialism." A reporter from the nation's main anti-democratic propaganda output of the BBC's Today programme reporting the news of British scientists determing of the code for the wheat genome commented that this event could, should or might be interesting, I cannot recall which word was used although his tone was dismissive. One report on the event from Reuters is linked here. In Jonathan Black's "The Secret History of the World" in describing the horror of the Terror during the French Revolution, we are informed, " On 8th July 1794 a curious ceremony took place in front of the Louvre. The members of the National Convention sat in a vast makeshift amphitheatre, each holding an ear of wheat to symbolise the goddess Isis. Facing them was an altar by which stood Robespierre, wrapped in a light blue cloak, his hair powdered white. He said, 'The whole universe is assembled here!' Then calling upon the Supreme Being, he began a speech which lasted several hours and ended 'Tomorrow, when we return to work, we shall fight again against vice and tyrants.' Robespierre brought death on a previously unimagined scale to Western Europe and some have claimed even the first known genocide in the Vendée. Considering the rampant greed being now revealed across the entire field of governance in the UK, civil service, councils, regional authorities, quangoes, parliament all emanating out from the tried and tested practises within the institutions of the EU now copied and sometimes even exceeded in our national life, all as detailed over many years on this blog, its predecessor and sister blogs - Teetering Tories, Ukip Uncovered, The Strasbourg Cesspit etc., what are we left to conclude from the discovery of the wheat genome? Perhaps a period of change is about to commence, even perhaps a return to decency in political life - do Cameron and Clegg have the courage to lead the way bby beginning a compltete routing out of the rot in Britain's public life? Robespierre was dead by the end of the month in which the ceremony described above, with his jaw shot away by his own hands and guillotined without trial. Who will hold top account the evil men who have destroyed Britain while stashing away untold sums of our now nearly worthless currency?

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