Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Britain's Royal Navy to be handed to the French?

Many generations of former Royal Navy officers, among them several of my own ancestors will be turning in their graves this morning as a Conservative Party Defence Minister, Dr Liam Fox, supposedly to the right of his party, prepares to hand the Royal Navy, (following much else that was once proudly both English and British) to the French. The report has just appeared on the Daily Telegraph web site linked here. Also an item in The Independent, with the possibility for comments, linked here. It was only on the 8th of this month that I wrote to Dr Fox and the Foreign Minister proposing a merging of our armed forces with those of Canada and Australia, which particularly with regard to the Royal Navy makes far more global sense given Australia's present minerals market being so dependent on the Chinese industrialisation needs. Read the letter from here. The only reply I received, I posted on this blog on 21st August, linked here. The individual responding mainly chose to reject my suggestion on the grounds that I was proposing merging the three services together, which quite obviously would not be the case, indeed the idea germinated in my mind as a means to avoid just such a merger obviously then being considered as a cost cutting measure for a bankrupt nation. To contemplate selling out the Royal Navy to the French was a treachery of which I never could have dreamt that a Conservative led Government, even one led by David Cameron, could ever stoop so low. Britain's interests are spread around the globe, they do not depend upon a defence of the coastlines and fisheries of France, nor those of mainland Europe, however fair and lucrative for our corrupt politicians they so obviously be!

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Blogger Robert said...

Isn't this just another Labour policy picked up by the coalition?

Once Dave accepted the status quo on Lisbon we can now go full steam on integration.

Will they use British troops to crush the coming rebellion or will they draft in more reliable troops from the continent?

10:44 PM  

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