Sunday, September 12, 2010

Permanent Tax Secretary Hartnett likes being wined and dined!

From the Telegraph, linked here: Mr Hartnett topped a survey of civil servants that had been most wined and dined. According to researchers at City University, Mr Hartnett accepted 107 invitations to eat, drink or else do both at such venues as the Hilton in Park Lane, the Cinnamon Club and the Savoy hotel in London over a three year period. Why was he not sacked today, there cannot be one mitigating factor that can be put forward in defence of his continued employment at 160,000 pounds a year heading a department in complete and utter chaos while he is dining in Mayfair, what did those who paid the dining bills get in return? The spending cuts that are coming and the entertainingly dubbed "ausreity" that will follow will surely feel like abject poverty and misery after the years of mis-spending, none of the pampered and cosseted senior mandarins and others who have salted away huge future pension entitlements stand a hope in hell of getting what they expect. Sack Hartnett with no pension and the entire process can be summed up in the decades to come as 'getting a Hartnett'. Present prime candidates for which are Blair, Brown and Balls with the rest of the last Cabinet to follow shortly behind!

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