Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hypocrite Hartnett must go!

What kind of blinkered numbskull could allow these two statements to be broadcast on the very same day? Firstly -"Mr Hartnett told BBC Radio 4's Money Box programme: "I'm not sure I see a need to apologise. I've read the papers, listened to the media and heard stories of HMRC blunder and IT failure. Neither of those are true. Secondly - " I apologise if my remarks came across as insensitive.

"I am working flat out with my colleagues to ensure everyone's tax is correct and the new computer system will help us do this.

"It was this new system that revealed the extent and size of reconciliations required and will help us be more accurate in future but we do not underestimate the distress caused to taxpayers and once again I apologise."

The flat contradiction makes the belated apology even more insulting, as Treasury spokesman Lord Oakeshott, quoted in The Independent, earlier accused Hartnett of being "in a world of his own; I wonder what planet he is on."....."This is the latest in a series of management failures in the HMRC going back many years. If Mr Hartnett cannot see why he should apologise for this one, then he really should be reconsidering his own position..."

The full catalogue of disasters is detailed in the Telegraph , by Paul Farrow, linked here, giving the lie to Lord Oakeshott's words. Hartnett should not be considering his position, it being quite clear he is so besotted and befuddled by POWER that he is incapable of rational thought, he should therefore be summarily dismissed, "pour encourager les autres" as was once said of the executed Admiral Byng, read here. Any serving Civil Servant, MP or other troughing public official had better quickly realise that such arrogance guarantees a tax revolt in the longer run, if not in the immediate short term, and all their disgustingly high pensions entitlements, stretching decades into the future, if not yet at risk today, will certainly never eventually materialise until the public sees clear evidence that the loot from such corrupt excesses has been returned to the Treasury - thus perhaps allowing a small percentage of these huge sums to be paid where genuine and honest service can be seen to have been provided.

As suggested repeatedly on this blog an essential start should be the return of the MP expenses funded property portfolios of the Prime Minister and his Deputy, the firing of 'Dave' Hartnett without pension now seems an extra first necessary step.

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