Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why cannot our politicians realise their duties are to the British?

Two conflicting headlines from the British National Press this morning, the first I quote is in The Guardian, linked here: +++++

Nick Clegg vows to lead way in new global poverty fight

Deputy prime minister to tell UN that Britain's aid programme will prioritise women in developing countries.


The second is from the Daily Telegraph, linked here:


Cuts will bring civil unrest, says police leader

Britain faces widespread civil unrest, strikes and more crime as a result of cuts in public spending, one of the country's leading police officers will warn.

+++++ Does anybody in politics detect a possible contradiction here, if there is blood on the streets of Britain will we be consoled by knowing that women in the third world have been prioritised by our numbskull coalition government?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant post.
Police complaining about unrest...isn't that a bit like bakers complaining that people eat their bread?
The Coalition's duty is to itself - cf the ludicrous 'EU powers block' floated yesterday...

11:46 AM  

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