Thursday, September 16, 2010

Van Rompuy's summons to his minions

As the Pope arrives on a detestable State Visit to Britain (see our first post of yesterday below) our supposed Prime Minister has been "invited" (of course were he to refuse we would not even know how we are being governed) by yet one more of the several men who now presume to rule us without any democratic legitimacy whatsoever. Read the letter of "invitation" from here, and note the Foreign Secretary, the administrationally challenged William Hague, has also been summoned to attend. This is to continue the illusion that with the EEAS the economically sclerotic EU has some influence in the world! No mention of how the shortfall in funding for Greece caused by Slovakia's absolutely correct decision not to cough up to the EU's illegal fund, is to be discussed, nor even which other countries may similarly review their own commitments given the ever deteriorating world economic outlook. France seems ready to pick a fight over the delusions of the EU Commissioners that the legal consent to their right to perform their duties under Lisbon is merely a charade in the French view of the world, read here. Cameron's pathetic attempt for the EU to actually do something positive outside its own introverted area of interests is relegated to an afterthought and will achieve precisely zero. The EU distracts the attention of the leaders of the EU's former nations from doing what they should to mitigate the economic turmoil about to strike their citizens, instead they would sooner argue over the diminishing power they hold to further outdo one another and over inflate the already overbloated Commission. A true farce were it also not such a tragedy.



Blogger Robert said...

The French were a bit upset that the rebuke about human rights from Vivianne Reding was delivered in English. Because Reding is from Luxembourg they assume she speaks French.

1:08 PM  
Blogger Martin said...

I think that perhaps the French enarques have not realised up to this moment the true nature of the monster that they have helped to create. France 24 had a truly strange interview with a female French UMP Mep who seemed genuinely distraught at the rift this was causing.

Fascinating stuff, we shall no doubt see many stranger interviews as the whole ghastly con job slowle becomes evident to those who have been sucked into the whirlpool.


8:39 PM  

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