Saturday, September 18, 2010

Greatest Ever UK Traitors at Westminster Hall.

Click on the image to better view the captions for each individual's treachery in destroying the sovereignty and democracy of the country they were appointed to protect.
The body of the geatest living Englishman of my lifetime, Sir Winston Churchill, once lay in State in Westminster Hall before his State Funeral in St Paul's to which he was carried on the River Thames. Also within Westminster Hall the concept of Absolute Monarchism was brought to an end within England at the trial which resulted in the execution of King Charles I, one of the charges being: The secret treaty with the Scots was considered particularly unpardonable; "a more prodigious treason", said Cromwell, "than any that had been perfected before; because the former quarrel was that Englishmen might rule over one another; this to vassalise us to a foreign nation."[142] Cromwell had up to this point supported negotiations with the king, but now rejected further diplomacy.[142] (see Wikipedia) Yesterday on 17th September 2010, a mere 70 years since our victory over Germany of the Battle of Britain a clutch of former premiers backed by their treacherous facilitators gathered under the ancient hammer beam roof of this noble hall to witness the greatest celebration of vassalisation that the UK could ever imagine would have been possible in a mere 65 years since the nation had saved Europe from tyranny. Never has this ancient roof been forced to preside over such a treasonous assembly! But is it treason? Were their motives, however mistaken, possibly not taken with the best interests of the nation at the forefront of their minds? In the past some small doubts, could perhaps, have been allowed in that direction. In September 2010 none such can any longer been maintained. These betrayals were undertaken for their own personal enrichment and the removal of democratic constraints from their own self-serving political parties. In the very week that the first EU Council President Van Rompouy (hopefully also the last) has stated that without the Euro there can be no EU, outside of Westminster Hall that same currency continued to be shaken to its core as the price of gold and silver reached new dizzying heights and rumours of the possible demise of Irelands banks shook the markets. The irony of the situation must surely have struck home as the Pope, the last beneficiary of the principles of Absolute Monarchism, (which Sir Winston Churchill's illustrious forebear John Churchill had strived to remove from mainland Europe at the Battle of Blenheim), head of the Vatican State and present leader of the expansionist, secretive and overbearing Roman Catholic Church, chose to address the attendees on the dangers of materialism and the benefits of public service which once were the true ground beliefs of English Protestantism, now effectively rubbished and destroyed by these same pictured ex-Prime Ministers in their pursuit of material gain and non-accountable power for their Party successors. The EU has been designeed to establish a self-perpetuating non-elected elite, nothing could be ever clearer than that in this Autumn of 2010. Were these former Premiers not traitors, then they would clearly have refused to attend this shameful charade. The EU is now up a blind alley, as the meeting this week of the European Council in Brussels more or less effectively confirmed in the vexed area of economic governance. The present Treaties do not allow effective sanctions for the Euro Group members, but because of the trickery, double referendums and sheer serial lying about the final intentions of the EU project no new Treaty can conceivably be rammed through all 27 former nations ever again. E Everywhere across Europe the citizens have to prepare to pay the bills for the greed and mis-governance of those in charge of the EU, continuing this very week with huge forward payments planned to effect the EEAS which cannot possibly have any value as there remains no common foreign policy in Europe. The video of the shameful scenes from Westminster Hall may be watched here. Note the YouTube caption to this video clip is incorrect, the scene is the historic Westminster Hall, once part of England's betrayed and neutered Parliament. (Edited at 1225 GMT)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is strange to see the ecstatic reception that the pope is receiving.

It seems that if the Church of England and the government turn their backs on the people, then the people will turn to Rome for the defence of their Christian heritage.

How has it come to this.

10:04 AM  

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