Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Britain is worst place to live in Europe!

The question raised in the headline to this post does not need asking to the millions of Britons who now live overseas. The findings in a report issued this morning, full details here, will be no surprise to those of us forced into exile by the incompetent and self-serving governance inflicted on the UK over recent decades. Regular readers of this blog will likely similarly be unsurprised. The residents of Britain, with ancestors from our islands, are the ones who are the victims of this conspiracy, and similarly are also the ones partly at fault as election after election they renew the mandates of the corrupted low-lives who have chosen a career in British politics or its public services as an easy option to enrich themselves with an idle lifestyle entirely at the long suffering taxpayers expense. The middles classes upon whose shoulders this burden now sits need to find ways of demonstrating their disgust and use their taxpaying leverage to enforce change.



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