Friday, September 24, 2010

IMF Reform and the Euro - A case for renewed British Independence

As the demise of the Euro is practically a racing certainty in any rational or logical analysis, is it not time the Eurozone group hastened its end rather than allowing the death throes to endlessly be drawn out. Take the IMF. In a report from the Washington Post, yesterday, linked here, the US argues for less European influence within the IMF. Without the Euro currency, the fully justified US case for change at Europe's loss of influence would be considerably lessened. Has enough damage not already been accomplished to the real economies of Europe's economies without pointless continuation of the diseased currency? Much interest has resulted in the comments of Iain Martin in the Wall Street Journal which I linked earlier in the week, but may be read again from here. The thrust of the article is that the Cameron Conservative Party policy is now to accomodate the EU, rather than oppose it, a fact which must be blindingly obvious to readers of this blog, if not the entire conscious UK nation given their appalling death blows to democracy of the past few months. But the case made by the Deputy Editor of the Wall Street Journal Europe highlights that government policy is fatally flawed. A quote from the comment: Mr. Cameron had decided long before he failed to win an overall majority at the general election that he was not going to die in a ditch over Europe. He prepared accordingly, removing his commitment to a referendum on the Lisbon treaty on the grounds that it was too late and would look ridiculous.

Mr. Cameron also put in a lot of effort into wooing Ms. Merkel and Mr. Sarkozy ahead of the election, reassuring them that he would be a good member of the European leaders' club. This work has continued since he took office.

The position of the Coalition Government is therefore now strongly pro-EU. In fact one can clearly go so far as to say that it is heavily biased towards preserving the Euro at practically any cost, it having been stated that a Euro collapse would be a disaster for the UK given our entanglements. Van Rompuy of course is on record as stating the EU cannot survive without the Euro, although of course none care what he might say, his sole purpose being as a decorative but hugely expensive non-entity figurehead feeding the farce that the EU is a major world player. The figure he actually cuts betrays that myth perfectly. Cameron and Clegg had better wake-up. For what worth will a policy of preserving the Euro at any cost be worth when the ineviatble failure arrives? The purpose of Government is to prepare for the unexpected, up to the summer recess of Parliament the general european received wisdom was that the Euro would prevail. As September ends it is difficult to find any informed observer who would now expect the euro to survive in its present form. Britain has become used to Governments and politicians who have delegated governance elsewhere, that must end forthwith. In the coming days or weeks the unexpected (across the EU not just unexpected but the apparently unthinkable) will arrive, the emphasis of the entire British Cabinet should now therefore be how Britain itself, with its own precious independent currency (surviving largely thanks to those such as myself labelled as dangerous fruitcakes over many years) can best weather, if not take advantage of, the coming international financial chaos. Prime Minister Cameron is lowering his banner and conceding defeat to the EU at the very moment when victory in the form of national economic survival lies within his grasp! With economic independence regained from the EU can democracy be then far behind, can older, more reliable and more ancient blood ties with our former friends in our one time Dominions be re-awakened, in spite of the disgusting treachery of Edward Heath and those who have followed in his footsteps?



Blogger Robert said...

'... (surviving largely thanks to those such as myself labelled as dangerous fruitcakes over many years) '

The real fruitcake who kept us out of the Euro was of course the prime mentalist himself, Gordon Brown. He may have been bonkers, but perhaps there was method in his madness. The simple answer may be that Tony wanted it, so Gordon wasn't having any of it.

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