Saturday, September 25, 2010

The lesser of two Milibands!

So younger brother Ed narrowly beat David Miliband for leadership of Britain's always misguided but once proud Labour Party, and today its sole opposition party of any substance. The fact that two Milibands, both sons of this man, Ralph Miliband (née Adolphe Milibande) can within one generation insidiously insert themselves to the heart of Britain's political system speaks volumes on the active memberships of all our political parties. The fact that his elder brother ran him such a close second should condemn Labour to extinction. We will have years to pull to pieces the policies that Miliband Minor pretends to hold and hopefully quickly provide insights into the real plans and dangerous political philosophies no doubt deeply buried at the core of the existence of both brothers. Adolphe buried so close to his idol Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery must be rocking his grave with mocking mirth as the country he entered with forged papers (according to the linked Wikipedia report) now lies within his sons' grasp!



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