Monday, September 27, 2010

Insight into the start of the panic over the Euro.

Good insider insight gathered together by the Wall Street Journal reporting team: The first part came this weekend linked here, titled EU set Secret Committee to save the Euro, a Dangerous Divide and the second today titled Currency Union Teetering, Mr Euro forced to Act, linked here. While the UK media was asleep on the job as usual during the crisis over the early days of last May this blog was doing its utmost to keep readers abreast of both the events and the deeper political skulduggery as seen through this blogger's eyes. As may be verified from our blog archives for last May, linked here, I blogged over 40 postings during this period, starting on the 1st May with one titled "Bond scalping begins . Is the EU nightmare soon to end" to "Economic Governance was always the EU objective" on the last day of May, linked here. Nothing in the EU is ever what it seems and rarely as it is reported in the UK, if you want to prepare for what is next heading your way, then why not join our small but savvy regular readership. YOUR DEMOCRACY HAS ALREADY BEEN STOLEN? WILL YOU STILL STAND SILENTLY BY AS THE NATION'S REMAINING WEALTH GOES THE SAME WAY?



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