Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Liam Fox must resign if defence cuts continue

As the Defence Secretary's letter to the Prime Minister has been leaked in full, read here, he will be left no option but to resign from the Government if the planned cuts continue. It would be unbelievable if any true Conservative could remain in the coalition if such cuts to the nation's defence went ahead while the NHS and overseas aid remained ring fenced. The fact that the UK looks set to lose its hedge funds from their City of London base as a result of French manipulations under majority voting procedures, also reported this morning, read here, (although there is something fishy about the reporting as it states France would have the ability to veto legislation where Britain would not and then talks of majority voting). It is difficult to see how George Osborne can remain in the Cabinet given the constant gift of new powers over the City by Cameron and Clegg, he will soon be facing 25% cuts with a fast eroding tax base. What complete chaos!



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